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We offer Training and Consulting Services with the objective to strengthen your Product Management practice. Ultimately the objective is to improve the products and services you provide to your customers, to increase client satisfaction, revenue, profitablity, and market share.

Software Development doesn't have to be as unpredictable as it sometimes might appear. Large and complex projects don't have to be a daunting task but can instead be an exciting and rewarding opportunity for everyone involved. Solid Product Management is an essential ingredient to make it happen.


Chances are that not all your team members are Product Management Superstars yet. Chances are that your practitioners know certain aspects of the Product Management "Framework" quite well and some aspects not so well. We can help you get them get focused on those aspects that are critical but perhaps are getting neglected.

Did your PM team members get trained by Pragmatic Marketing or Sirius Decisions or others? Are you concerned that not everything they learned gets translated into day to day action? It takes a lot more than training to get good at something. Let us develop a training plan based on real-life needs.


Do you have difficulty with your Agile Transformation? You are not alone. We have worked with Agile Teams for the last few years and have seen a fair share of hurdles. We can help you with your Agile Transformation.

Do you feel that not enough “value” is created by your IT spend? Executives by and large are looking for Releases that move the company forward towards your vision, and of course keep the competition at bay.

You build product but find it difficult to launch? Launching Software “perfectly” is critical for any Sales Organization that has numbers riding on it. We can show your Product team how to manage that better.

There is a never-ending list of issues that must be tackled, these are just some high-level examples.

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Agile Product Insights


Product Management Consulting

Type of Engagement

Target Audience

Engagement Options



Roll Out/Launch

1. Training

Getting PM Organized

Business Process Improvements

Discusses Product Management Best Practices. Work with your teams to identify gaps; discuss how to best address those gaps

PM's (all levels)

Developers (all levels)


Daily Rates

Business Planning

Market Problems

Competitive Analysis

Strat Plan

Product Plan


Release Planning

User Stories/Epics

Collaboration Tools

Agile Process


Launch Planning

Sales Enablement

Org Readiness

Working with Marketing

2. Projects / Consulting

Specific Deliverables

Assist business with Planning, or specific deliverables that benefit from advanced PM expertise.

As needed

Daily Rates or

Project Estimates


Strat Plan

Product Plan


Competitive Analysis


Release Planning Process

Comms Framework


Release and Launch Planning

Org Readiness

3. Interim Product Manager

Your company needs Product Management discipline but you're not yet ready to add staff for it.

Regular Progress Updates to Executives

Fixed Rates

(i.e. Monthly Retainer)

Work with Executives ,VP's, Managers to set expectations for raising the bar

Develop and Execute on Plans

Monthly Progress/Status Updates