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Opportunities, not Problems!

In Organizations the lines of responsibility and cooperation can be blurred. To avoid potential for confusion, Product Management must establish a repeatable process.

Below find a few examples of what can go wrong.

Examples of common Product Opportunities


Possible Root Cause(s)

Possible Solution(s)

Productivity seems low. Why do things take so long?

  • Release Initiatives/ Features too big

  • Lack of Communication

  • Agile suggests breaking down the problem into prioritized and smaller components

  • Spend more time on Communications

Why can't we get it right the first time around?

  • Lack of detailed User Stories

  • Lack of comms with clients and “business”

  • Lack of Quality Control

  • More Prototyping

  • More detailed discussions early on

  • UX review sessions early on w/ clients

  • Better defined user stories

Do we have our priorities right?

  • Are we leveraging resources for purposes not directly aligned w/ plans?

  • Planning and/or Comms doesn't work

  • Transparent and well communicated Product Planning and Roadmap Process

Are we solving our clients critical problems?

  • Lack of comms with clients and “business”

  • Lack of Vision?

  • More frequent interaction with clients (and with sales and support team)

Clients don't know or think that we're better than our competitor(s)

  • Lack of Competitive Analysis

  • Well-defined and well-communicated Competitive Differentiators

I'm not sure I like the GUI, can't we do better?

  • Everyone will have a different opinion about GUI? Which one is right?

  • UX preview sessions with users

  • Work with UX experts if you can

I never know where we stand with our new Releases

  • Poor comms

  • Product must (!) facilitate frequent comms to/with stakeholders

My Developers don't get enough details to do their jobwell

  • Lack of PM or Business Analyst resources

  • Identify what else they are working on and fix that situation